"…..I am very impressed indeed by the work…. The occupational hygiene laboratory is well equipped, comprehensive, and up-to-date."
Prof. Richard Booth
Health & Safety Unit
The University of Aston,
Birmingham, England.
4th May 1988
Prof. Richard Booth image
"The Training Centre is doing excellent work and I feel that it can take on training in Chemical Disaster Management."
R. T. Nagrani,
Officer on Special Duty,
Cabinet Secretariat,
New Delhi.
7th July 1988
"I was very much impressed to see the facilities developed and developing in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Safety. It could be an Institute of international standard."
K. S. Baroi,
Secretary Labour,
Government of Maharashtra.
12th June 1989.
"Very impressed by the excellent efforts to put up a very interesting and educational museum."
Dr. B. B. Gaitonde,
Consultant WHO,
Southeast Asia Region.
17th January 1990
"I am impressed by the facility developed at this Centre. The educational measures, especially the exhibition on safety are of much help to the participants of various courses."
Ashraf Ali,
ILO Consultant
Chemical & Construction Industry
29th January 1990.
"This is an outstanding institute which has been imaginatively conceived and magnificently run. It is a great service to the society at large."
Dr. R. A. Mashelkar,
National Chemical Laboratory.
3rd March 1991.
"My sincere congratulations. Wonderful job."
James Tye,
British Safety Council,
London, England.
14th March 1991.
James Tye image
"An excellent institute set up with the considerable care that can serve as a nodal point for disseminating vital information on industrial/occupational safety and pollution control. The existing facilities and the enthusiasm of the staff are commendable."
Anant Vijay,
Assistant Director,
Commonwealth Secretariat,
28th October 1993
"I highly appreciate the work of this institute. It is doing the requisite follow-up work of ….. – Agenda 21 in putting environment and safety into national development activities."
Raja Kulkarni,
INTUC and President,
National Federation of Petroleum Workers,
16th January 1994.
"My sincere congratulations. Wonderful job."
Chandrakant B. Garware,
National Safety Council.
16th January 1994.
Chandrakant B. Garware image
"It is a good attempt to put all aspects related to safety and present them nicely."
G. R. Balasubramanian,
Advisor to Chairman,
16th January 1994.
"I was pleasantly surprised to see the wide range of activities of this institute. This is a very important area, that in the next century should acquire special importance given WHO’s special emphasis on the interphase between health and environment."
Dr. J. F. Gonsalves,
Vice President
(Program)International Institute
of Rural Reconstruction,
Silang, Philippines.
2nd February 1994.
Dr. J. F. Gonsalves image
"I congratulate Mr. C. V. Dhume for having set up a very good laboratory, Mobile Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene in the departments, which is so useful to the workers. The whole office campus is quite impressive with the hostel, library, etc. for training programs."
H. K. Shivananda,
Labour Department,
Government of Karnataka.
24th February 1994.
"A very impressive program in Occupational Safety & Health training. Your library is better than any I have encountered."
Scott Robinson,
Wells Fargo Bank,
San Francisco, USA.
11th November 1994.
"The delegation from Haryana headed by our Minister for Labour was highly impressed by the campus, various courses organized, quality of personnel and contribution to industrial safety made by the Institute of Safety, Occupational Health & Environment and the Inspectorate of Factories & Boilers."
Dr. H. S. Anand,
Commissioner & Secretary,
Labour & Employment Department,
Government of Haryana.
4th November 1995
"Thank you for your thorough introduction to safety and health for the workers in Goa."
N. Mangaard,
New Delhi
20th October 1996
N. Mangaard