Department of Inspectorate of Factories & Boiler in the State of Goa has placed more stress on the implementation of provisions relating to Occupational Safety Health and Environment, through the Institute of Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment rather than enforcing punitive action. In the field of Safety, health, and the environment the Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers has made tremendous strides and is the leading state in the country. The training courses in safety, first-aid, fire-fighting for the management, supervisors, and workers are well accepted by the industries and services to reduce accidents, render timely assistance and save lives. The students and lecturers of various colleges and polytechnics undergoing training courses have benefited through receiving inputs on Safety, health, and Environment. To improve safety on roads while transporting hazardous chemicals, certificate training is held for the drivers in association with the R.T.O office of the State Directorate of Transport. The Institute receives regular batches of students from the nursing institutes from the neighboring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra apart from local nursing students and medical students. The students can see the demonstration of Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene equipment and see the functioning of the unique mobile Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Laboratories

Courses: Academic courses: Associated fellow of Industrial Health

Non-Academic Courses

  1. 5 – day program in First Aid
  2. 3 – day program on Safety for technical students
  3. 3 – day training in Safety in Transportation of Hazardous Goods by Road for tanker drivers
  4. 2 – day program on Occupational Safety & Health for nursing students
  5. 1 – day refresher course on Safety in Transportation of Hazardous Goods by Road for tanker drivers1 – day training in Defensive Driving Skills for drivers in collab with ROT
  6. 1 – day educational program on Safety for college students.
  7. In-plant program on Safety & Fire Fighting (1 Or 2 day)
  8. Program on Emergency Preparedness ( Community programs)
  9. Publicity programs, including Safety Week.
  10. 3 – Months Certificate Course on A.F.I.H. for MBBS Doctors affiliated to DGFASLI
  11. 1 – day specialized on “OHSAS 18001-20007”
  12. 1 – day special program on Safety Audit & Statutory requirement in Pressure vessels & Lifting Machines.
  13. Safety in Operation and maintenance of Boilers
  14. Storage, Handling, and Transportation of Hazardous chemicals
  15. Legislation on Safety & Environment.
  16. Noise and Ventilation

Safety Management*

Total Loss Control*

Role of Top Managers Towards Safety*

Making the Enterprise more Efficient and a Better Place to Work*

Risk Management*

Major Hazard Control in Industries*

Emergency Preparedness*

Fire Prevention, Protection, and Control*

Work Permit System*

Chemical Hazards in Industry*

Hazards in Chemical Industry*

Transportation of Hazardous Substances

Management of Hazardous Waste*

Use, Care & Selection of Personal Protective Equipment*

First Aid

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Occupational Health in Industry*

Safety & Environment Legislations in India*

Safety in Material Handling*

Safety in Use of Electricity*

Safety in Welding Operation*

Safety in Grinding Operation*

Safety in Wood Working*

Boiler Attendant's Course

Boiler Operation Engineer's Course*

Domestic Safety*

Note: The Institute can also offer tailor-made courses, depending upon industry-need. 

* Course details can be obtained from the institute or mail to: