• Three day programme on First Aid
  • Two day programme on Safety for technical students
  • Three day training in Safety in Transportation of Hazardous goods by Road for tanker drivers
  • Two day programme on Occupational safety & Health for nursing students
  • One day refresher course on Safety in Transportation of Hazardous Goods by Road for tanker drivers
  • One day training in Defensive Driving Skills for drivers in collaboration with RTO.
  • One day educational programme on Safety for college students.
  • In plant programme on Safety & Health (1 Or 2 day)
  • Programme on Emergency Preparedness ( Community programmes)
  • Three Months Certificate Course on A.F.I.H. for MBBS Doctors affiliated to DGFASLI
  • Safety in Operation and maintenance of Boilers

Note: The Department can also offer tailor-made courses, depending upon industry-need.

* Course details can be obtained from the Department or mail to : /

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